Data Security

We provide data security solutions and round the clock protection.

What is data security?


In a world driven by data, how do we protect information such as customer records, financial transactions and personal details?

Data security is the process of bringing together technology and best practice to ensure sensitive information and business-critical data is protected from unauthorised access.

Data security is a wide-ranging topic that includes encryption,  access control and data management.


Why is data security important?


Big data is a term that has entered the public lexicon and we often hear of data breaches and hacks on the evening news. Businesses rely on the data they collect and are also custodians of that data.

Businesses have a duty to safeguard sensitive information from external and internal threats which may, in turn, have financial implications or hurt consumer confidence in that business.

Protecting and securing your data has never been more vital.


Data Security Solutions


Data Encryption

Data encryption uses software that makes your information unreadable to unauthorised viewers. It uses an algorithm to transform normal text into what looks like a random alphanumeric sequence. Only users with an authorised encryption key can read the data.

Authentication & Authorisation

This process ensures that a person is who they say they are. It checks user credentials and includes basic security methods such as passwords but also biometrics such as iris and fingerprint verification.

Access Control

Once an authorised person has access to the network access control makes sure they can only see information that is related to them.

Backups & Data Recovery

Backups are vital should a data disaster come to fruition. If a data breach or security issue arises having a regular backup means you can quickly get your systems up and running again. A backup should be stored in a separate system should data be erased or corrupted.

Application Delivery

App security and traffic has never been easier to control. Keep your app safe with help from F5’s BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager and iRules. Follow users across your network and immediately locate and neutralise security risks. We can see the traffic that is both entering and exiting your network to give maximum control, cloud app security and peace of mind.

Security Key Management

Key management in network security is vital. Through robust and highly flexible hardware, we can process data faster and protect your apps and information like never before. Encryption, digital signing, key generation and protection are all covered, meaning you can stop worrying about the security of your cryptosystem.