Maintained Service

Keeping the Show on the Road

How You Benefit

Regular Assistance

Expert Advice

Action Plan

The Challenge

Time and Resource

In IT things are busy and getting busier.  Network and Security teams are often small groups of specialists facing increasing pressure to deliver an unending stream of projects to keep up with growing customer reliance on applications.  Sound familiar? 

For all the great work that goes into the latest project, experience shows that there is often little or no time to step off the treadmill to look after what is already in place.  It doesn’t take long before there is the inevitable drift from up to date to out of date.

The Solution

Maintained Service

Our Maintained Service allows you to remain focussed on delivery while our experts help you keep the show on the road

The service gives customers peace of mind with regular access to an cyber expert providing support, troubleshooting and health checks and advising on configuration best practice, patching and upgrades.

Health Check

We can help you answer these questions 

Device Health
  • Have your devices gone End of Sale?
  • How long until your Support Renewal date?
  • What does normal CPU and Memory utilisation look like?
  • Do your devices have capacity to support the next project?
Software Health
  • Are you running on out of date software?
  • Can your devices run the latest release?
  • Have you downloaded the latest signatures?
  • Do you get alerted to CVE’s?
Base Config Health
  • Are you using a default username and password?
  • Is remote logging configured?
  • When was your last successful backup?
  • Do you have a failover test scheduled?
App Config Health
  • Do you have disabled or unused rules?
  • What does that error in the log mean?
  • Why are elements red on the dashboard?
  • Are certificates about to expire?