Case Study


Cybersecurity for a leading gaming company with a Palo Alto Networks Firewall

As technology continues to advance, gaming companies are becoming increasingly attractive targets for cybercriminals seeking financial gain. With the vast amount of data they collect, gaming companies are becoming more vulnerable to attacks as they engage in activities such as selling, buying, trading, or holding more customer data. A prominent gaming company specialising in adding value to games and credited on major titles such as, Hogwarts Legacy and LEGO Star Wars approached FullProxy, after being concerned about their current network security, wanting to upgrade their firewall solution. The solution of choice was Palo Alto Networks Next Generation Firewalls to enhance the gaming company’s cybersecurity posture and to ensure the safety of their valuable intellectual property and user data.


The Problem

After a thorough assessment of the gaming company’s requirements and challenges FullProxy implemented Palo Alto Networks Next Generation Firewalls to enhance their network security. Palo Alto Networks Next Generation Firewalls are known for their advanced threat prevention capabilities, Comprehensive visibility, and centralised management features. FullProxy devised a tailored solution that encompassed the following key elements:

Our Solution

Next-Generation Features: The Palo Alto Networks firewalls provided advanced security features such as intrusion prevention, malware protection, and URL filtering. The threat intelligence platform allowed for the gaming company to proactively identify and mitigate potential threats in real-time.

Comprehensive visibility and Control: The firewalls offered granular visibility into network traffic, enabling the gaming company to monitor and manage application usage, user behaviour, and potential security vulnerabilities effectively. This increased visibility empowered the company to detect and respond to any anomalous activities promptly.

Centralised Management: FullProxy assisted in setting up a centralised management system for the Palo Alto Networks firewalls, enabling the gaming company to streamline security operations across their network infrastructure, this centralised approached simplified policy management, threat response, and overall network administration.

The Results

By implementing the Palo Alto Networks firewalls recommended by FullProxy, the gaming company achieved significant improvements in their cybersecurity posture. The results of this were enhanced network security, the advanced threat prevention capabilities of the Palo Alto Networks firewalls strengthened the gaming company’s defences against cyber threats. It provided comprehensive protection against malware, intrusion attempts, and malicious URLs, safeguarding the company’s critical assets and user data. With improved visibility and real-time threat intelligence, the gaming company gained the ability to detect and respond to potential cyber threats promptly, this approached minimised the risk of data breaches and ensured uninterrupted operations.

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