Advanced Pen Testing Services

Debug your network for less

Premium pen tests to match your budget from just £2500.

Why should I pen test?

Pen testing is a vital first line of defence for anyone managing a customer facing website.

It replicates the actions a hacker would take to try and penetrate your cyber defences.  

FullProxy’s advanced pen testing service makes it more affordable to get the protection you need for less.

For as little as £2500, you can:

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Pen testing support to match your budget

From a simple self-administered one off test to rapidly secure your compliance to a continuous capability supported by a FullProxy expert – we’ve got you covered. 

One off pen test. Order online and self-administer. Receive a full actionable report.

Repeat pen testing; up to 6 tests in the contract period (12 months) including specialist vulnerability report and consultation.

Unlimited testing in the contract period (12 months) including consultant vulnerability reporting & risk based recommendations to prioritise activity.

Prices based on a single FQDN and subject to scope, further targets available, ask us for more details.

Which type of pen test is right for me?

Single pen tests offer a snapshot in time confirmation of your security, and are useful for compliance to standards such as PCI-DSS.

Repeat pen tests are often used at a time of change management, eg launching a new website, as they offer a useful ‘before and after’ comparison, showing you how the changes you’ve made have affected your vulnerability. 

Continuous pen testing provides an ongoing profile of your network, and can even offer a proactive automated detection capability.

Read more about the different types of pen tests and benefits of advanced continuous pen testing on our latest blog by CEO Ewan Ferguson:

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Why Continuous Pen Testing is more than just a cyber security health check

by Ewan Ferguson, CEO and web application specialist at FullProxy: Website expert face shot with green background

In the world of app development, everything is happening so fast and at such a scale – that things can go wrong at the same scale…”

Read on to discover more about how advanced pen testing is now being used as a proactive, dynamic vulnerability monitoring capability.

Why do cyber experts recommend repeat or continuous pen testing?

Pen testing is a ‘moment in time’ check into the vulnerabilities in your network. It will tell you what the issues are today, but that could have changed by tomorrow.

In an ever-evolving landscape of threats, conducting regular pen tests is a proactive measure you can take to identify vulnerabilities on your website and secure your customers’ interests. 

For the public sector, pen testing ensures the security and confidentiality of sensitive government data, safeguarding national interests and citizens’ privacy.

In the private sector, pen tests help protect intellectual property, customer data, and brand reputation, while also helping to comply with industry regulations.

Smaller companies are as exposed as higher profile ones, and surges in online traffic or a refresh to your online estate can be exploited by hackers employing sophisticated techniques to take advantage, compromising your business and reputation.

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