Connect, Protect and Deliver Data with FortiCloud

FortiCloud provides a way to connect, protect and deliver data and applications both on-site and in the cloud. FortiCloud is a Fortinet solution for the delivery of security-as-a-service.  

FortiCloud has a suite of cloud portals and services that enable customers to manage Fortinet solutions and services from one accessible site. While also providing access to FortiCare for the management of Fortinet devices and accounts.  Gain access to a wide variety of Fortinet solutions via a single sign-on including FortiGate Cloud, FortiWeb Cloud, FortiCASB, FortiCNP and FortiMail, plus more.  

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Features and Benefits

Protect Cloud-based applications

FortiCloud provides protection for cloud-based applications, data and services. The FortiCloud suite includes FortiWeb Cloud for web application protection, FortiMail Cloud for email protection, FortiCNP to identify configuration errors, suspicious user activity, storage protection and compliance, and FortiCASB for securing SaaS applications like Microsoft 365.

Enhance on-premise security

Fitted with zero-day threat detection FortiCloud integrates FortiSandBox, two-factor authentication with FortiToken. Using real-time threat intelligence feeds for endpoint, application, and network security solutions.

Centralise security management

FortiCloud works in conjunction with FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer to provide rapid deployment and management of FortiGates,FortiAPs and FortiSwitches. Gain visibility by viewing a complete list of your assets.

Managed Security Services

FortiCloud provides Multitenant support enabling managed service providers to view your cybersecurity posture through FortiCloud.

Central Management

Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses who are looking to avoid the expense and maintenance of on-premises management solutions.

Save time and resources

Manage network access,assets, and services through a single-panel dashboard and reduce IT resources by centrally managing deployments and by analysing your entire network.

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Centralised security control with FortiCloud

Why FullProxy and Fortinet?

At FullProxy, we help our customers implement Fortinet solutions offering expert advice on the best products for their cyber security posture and by providing all-year-round support on the management of Fortinet products.

Fortinet provides high-quality network security solutions designed to protect your networks, users, and data from ever-increasing cyber-security threats. While offering customers productivity, preserving user experience, and lower total cost of ownership. Fortinet products are suitable for a variety of industry sectors looking to enhance their network security, cloud security, security options, zero trust access, and threat intelligence. 

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