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Manage and Secure APIs

APIs (Application Planning Interface) are sets of programming code that allow applications to talk to one another. They’re a central part of any digital transformation strategy but they can also introduce cyber risk, making an API security strategy a vital element in your armoury. 

The volume of APIs is rapidly increasing, with new vulnerabilities emerging that risk exposing sensitive data. Security teams can struggle to manage and identify exponential numbers of endpoints and connections across their infrastructure. 

To help them cope, developers can end up deploying public APIs, bypassing internally mandated security processes and procedures. These shadow APIs often unintentionally expose sensitive datasets that may be leaked accidentally. Orgs with CI/CD pipelines deploy new code and APIs swiftly, perhaps overlooking security requirements. Permissions should always be set to prevent one user from accessing another user’s data. 

How can I secure my APIs?

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FullProxy’s experts recommend F5’s Distributed Cloud API Security to give you discovery and deep insights from use of AI/ML.

The solution allows you to block API attacks in real time and eliminate vulnerabilities at their source. The SaaS-based portal enables users to manage and go deep for threat analytics, forensics, and troubleshooting of modern applications.

F5 API Security Features and Benefits:

Import API Schema

Automatically create and enforce a positive security model with your own OpenAPI specifications.

Automatic API Discovery

Detect and map all APIs across your applications, including forgotten and shadow APIs, for a complete view into an apps ecosystem with export capabilities.​

Lifecycle Security

Integrate security into the API lifecycle process via CI/CD tools or leading API management vendors.

ML-Based Traffic Monitoring

Continuous machine learning monitors all traffic, allowing API security to maintain baselines, and predict and block suspicious activity overtime.​

Visualize API Usage

Easily identify usage patterns of APIs, and correlate good and bad actor activity to optimize APIs for a better client experience.​

Automated Policy Generation

Automatically generate policies based on App-to-App and API-to-API patterns.

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