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Defend against malicious bots

Bots make the Internet work—from search engine crawlers that bring the world to your fingertips to chatbots that engage and influence your customers early in the buyer’s journey. These are good bots. But there can be malicious bots. These bad bots scale automated attacks that cause significant financial pain, slow web and app performance, scalp goods, and hoard inventory. Malicious bots not only lead to customer frustration, but they also enumerate gift cards to steal balances, create fake accounts to commit fraud, and carry out account takeovers via credential stuffing.

F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defense uses rich client-side signal collection, aggregate data collection, and AI for unparalleled long-term efficacy and near-zero false positives, all while maintaining access for good bots. From protecting the world’s largest banks to securing global retailers and airlines, Distributed Cloud Bot Defense ensures you’re ready when these attacks target your organization.

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Features and Benefits

Real-time bot mitigation

F5’s domain experts and data scientists continuously research attacker tools, behavioural and environmental signals, and utilize advanced ML to rapidly detect attacker retooling and deploy updated models to mitigate attacks in real time.

Easy deployment

Deploy easily with prebuilt connectors for CDNs, Application Delivery Controllers (such as BIGIP), e-commerce and application platforms, and F5 Distributed Cloud WAAP.

security protection

To prevent reverse engineering, code tampering, and to block attackers from breaking detection methods, F5 developed the first VM-based obfuscation in JavaScript for bytecode-level obfuscation and telemetry encryption.

Reduce fraud

Reduce fraud caused by credential stuffing, account takeover, scraping, and inventory hoarding.

Remove security friction

Mitigate bots without the need for security friction–CAPTCHA, account lockouts, and multifactor authentication–so that you can improve conversion and increase revenue.

Improve customer experiences

Prevent scraping bots from slowing down your site and scalping bots from hoarding the inventory that your customers want to buy.

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