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Protect Web Apps Wherever They’re Deployed

The evolution of application architectures, deployment locations, and threat landscapes has made it significantly more difficult to effectively secure and operate them.  Ensuring proper security controls is challenging for app dev teams with increasing workloads and deadlines. Securing apps has become more complex as they get deployed across heterogenous environments. Threats are evolving at an accelerating pace, leading to an ever-greater volume of false positives and differences in system configurations and policy enforcement result in lower overall efficacy.

F5 Distributed Cloud Web Application Firewall (WAF) eases the burden and complexity of consistently securing apps across cloud, on-premises, and edge locations. The service is a next-gen SaaS-based web application firewall that provides signature and behavioural-based threat detection to protect applications wherever they are deployed. F5 Distributed Cloud WAF leverages powerful, advanced WA technology, combining signature and robust behaviour-based protection for web applications. The service acts as an intermediate proxy to inspect application requests and responses to block and mitigate a broad spectrum of risks stemming from the OWASP Top 10, threat campaigns, malicious users, layer 7 DDoS threats, bots and automated attacks, and more.

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Features and Benefits

Robust attack
signature engine

Captures Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) plus known vulnerabilities and techniques identified by F5 Labs, including Layer 7 DDoS, threat campaigns, bots, and automated threats.

behaviour engine

Leverages AI/ML to monitor and score client interactions, deciphering intent based on the number of WAF rules hit, forbidden access attempts, login failures, error rates, and more, to help identify an app’s highest priority threats.

Powerful service
policy engine

Enables micro segmentation and advanced security at the application layer, utilizing IP reputation and allow/deny lists to block clients with known bad TLS fingerprints, ASNs from suspicious countries, and more.

Automatic attack
signature tuning

Easily determines if a signature-identified attack is really a threat, helping reduce the number of false positives.

Streamlined set-up
and management

Deploy through a simple UI or automate via APIs including best-practice default protections and the flexibility to create custom rules.


Rich observability via a single dashboard with a 360-degree view of app performance and security events across distributed applications.

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