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Cyber Security Management Solutions

The world has gone digital and there is a massive shift towards cloud-based technology. But that change has also led to in an ever-growing number of threats. That means businesses and organisations must make cyber security a priority if they want to thrive in the digital age.

Cyber security has moved well beyond simple anti-virus software and basic firewalls to advanced 360 strategies and 24/7 alerts and threat detection. FullProxy offer advanced managed cybersecurity services which keep your business moving.

Our high touch managed cyber security services offer tailored to each customer’s exacting requirements.  For example, we can extend the helpdesk facility to provide remote support, offer a Professional Services retainer giving customers priority access to expert resources which the customer to draw down on or provide imbedded FullProxy resources to monitor key infrastructure and up-skill customer colleagues. It is also possible for FullProxy to provide proactive monitoring of the F5 infrastructure from it’s monitoring systems or to integrate the F5’s into the banks own network and security monitoring tools.