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Keeping your cyber security one step ahead

We live in an era of rapid technological advancement, where new opportunities are emerging every day. However, this digital age is also accompanied by constantly evolving cyber threats. The increasing adoption of cloud-based technology has given rise to new ways of targeting vulnerable systems. To safeguard against these threats, it is essential to stay ahead of the curve with an advanced cyber security strategy that provides around-the-clock protection against not only existing but also emerging threats.

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Our approach

FullProxy is a leading provider of Cyber Security Managed Services that cater to all your digital security needs, allowing you to focus on running your business with the confidence of knowing that your digital assets are in safe and capable hands. Our suite of services includes extending your helpdesk facility, providing remote support, monitoring key infrastructure, and improving in-house skills.

At FullProxy, we understand that cyber security is a top priority for any organisation. That’s why our team is available 24/7 to manage and resolve security incidents as they occur, ensuring that you are fully protected against a range of threats, from simple attacks to sophisticated cyberattacks. Our Managed Service provides expert threat detection, intelligence, and cyber security advice that safeguard your network and infrastructure, with a focus on both preventing attacks and responding to them effectively.

The benefits of a Managed Service

Optimise your Investment

Choosing the right cyber security company can be risky with a limited budget but our consultants have decades of experience to help you make the right choices.

  • With unlimited market knowledge of the best products for your infrastructure (physical, virtual, or cloud).
  • We ensure that your capabilities are not being under utilised
  • Our consultants allow you to focus on daily work without being distracted
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Time to Value

Time to value is crucial in cyber security. It’s not enough to have great solutions; without proper implementation and optimisation, you won’t maximise the value you’re investing in.

  • Our Consultants work efficiently to streamline and optimise your tech stack, minimising ‘Time to Value’ and providing actionable insights throughout your infrastructure
  • We conduct thorough reviews of your existing solutions, optimising their configuration, and creating a customised portfolio that perfectly aligns with your business needs

Raise Security Posture

Your ability to detect and defend against attacks is important so that your assets are not at risk of being exploited by cyber criminals.
  • We help you stay protected against numerous new vulnerabilities that are discovered monthly
  • Finding and fixing vulnerabilities and reviewing controls alone may not prevent devastating attacks our consultants assist you in creating a resilience infrastructure
  • We’ll help you establish an automated security management system to enhance your current infrastructure
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Reduce attack service

Giving your team visibility into high-risk areas within your network can help you create a resilient and redundant infrastructure best placed to withstand a cyber attack.

  • Provide visibility to your team in high-risk network areas
  • Building a resilient and redundant infrastructure to withstand cyber attacks.
  • Expert consultants to identify vulnerabilities and implement attack surface reduction (ASR) strategies
  • Save time and resources

Lower the risk of breach

The last thing we all want is your company name in the headlines over the latest cyber security breach.

  • Regular and scheduled updates to lower the risk of breaches
  • We assess and monitor aspects like third-party risks and your security posture
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“The training provided was tailored to our environment at differing levels of knowledge in order to meet our needs.”

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If you would like to know more about our Service speak to Stephen today
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Stephen Mellon
IT Consultant