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What is FortiAnalyzer? 

FortiAnalyzer is a powerful log management, analytics, and reporting platform that provides organisations with a single console to manage, automate, orchestrate, and respond. With simplified security operations the FortiAnalyzer allows you to have complete visibility of your entire attack landscape. 

How does FortiAnalyzer work?

Network cog and human graphicOffering centralised network security analytics, logging and reporting integrated with the Fortinet Security Fabric, it can implement logs from multiple downstream Fortinet devices such as FortiGate, FortiMail and FortiWeb.  

With unique features such as alerts based on behaviours and event logs, FortiAnalyzer enables organisations to maximize the impact and effectiveness of a security team without needing extensive configuration. 

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What are the benefits of FortiAnalyzer?

Enable your security team to increase efficiency, reduce risk and improve the total cost of ownership. 

Advanced Logging & Reporting

Automation analytics ensure that IT teams are provided with visibility of network devices, systems, and users. The FortiAnalyzer provides log data for threat intelligence and analysis of real-time and historical events. Gain access to reports to provide deep insights on risks, vulnerabilities, and attack attempts. With monitoring of sanctioned and unsanctioned user activity for SaaS applications.

Playbook Automation

FortiAnalyzer Playbooks enhance abilities to simplify investigation efforts through automated incident response, which frees up resources allowing your security team to focus on tasks critical to an organisation's IT security infrastructure.

Security Automation

Reduces the need for complexity through leveraging REST API, scripts, connectors, and automation stitches to speed-up security response and by reducing time to detect.

Workflow Automation

Make the most out of the FortiAnalyzer workflow automation feature which simplifies security operations, management of threats, vulnerabilities, and incident response.

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Why do FullProxy recommend Fortinet?

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Fortinet provides high quality network security solutions designed to protect your networks, users, and data from ever-increasing cyber security threats. Customers benefit from enhanced productivity, preserving user experience and lower total cost of ownership. Fortinet products are suitable for a variety of industry sectors looking to enhance their network security, cloud security, security options, zero trust access, and threat intelligence. 

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