Secure One-Time Passwords

FortiToken is the client component of Fortinet’s highly secure, simple to use and administer, and cost-effective two-factor solution for meeting strong authentication needs.

Fortinet FortiToken Mobile and hardware One-Time Password Tokens are fully integrated with FortiClient, protected by FortiGuard, and leverage direct management and use within the FortiGate and FortiAuthenticator security platforms. Fortinet two-factor authentication solutions are easy to manage and easy to use.

Available in 3 Form Factors


Mobile App

Credit Card

FortiToken 200B Keyfob
FortiToken Mobile App
FortiToken 220 Credit Card

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FortiToken | Features and Benefits

Convenient, Strong Authentication

The FortiToken Mobile app makes Android, iOS, and Windows mobile devices behave like a hardware-based OTP token without the hassle of having to carry yet another device. Push notifications allow you to approve or deny access with one tap.

Leverages Existing Fortinet Platforms

FortiToken can use the integrated authentication server in your existing FortiGate firewalls to validate One-Time Passwords, eliminating the need for an external RADIUS server that is typically required when implementing two-factor solutions.

No Annual Subscription Fees

Each FortiToken comes with a perpetual license and allows unlimited device transfers which eliminate annual subscription fees and allows for token redeployment.

Online Activation

FortiToken tokens can be activated online directly from FortiGate or FortiAuthenticator using the FortiGuard Center. This maintains token seeds in a managed service repository. Once the seeds are activated, they can no longer be accessed from FortiGuard, ensuring they are safe from compromise.

Privacy and Control

FortiToken Mobile cannot change settings on a phone, take pictures or video, record or transmit audio, read or send emails, see browser history or remotely wipe a device.
Only relevent permissions for operation are required.

Ultra-Secure Token Provisioning

FortiToken Mobile is simple to use and administer and provision for the system administrator. The token seeds are generated dynamically, minimising online exposure. Binding the token to the device is enforced and the seeds are always encrypted at rest and in motion.

Advantages of FortiToken

  • Unique token provisioning service via FortiGuard™ minimises provisioning overhead and ensures maximum seed security
  • Perpetual token license and unlimited device transfers eliminate annual subscription fees
  • Scalable solution leveraging existing end-user devices offers low entry cost and TCO
  • Reduces costs and complexity by using an existing FortiGate as the two-factor authentication server
  • Zero footprint solution

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