Case Study

Seamless cloud migration and optimised network performance for central government

A central government needed access to expert consultants to troubleshoot the F5 appliances within their network, and project management resource for migrating to the cloud with Office 365. They also required assistance configuring their F5 appliances to help load balance their connections to cloud applications and achieve resilience in across their data centres.

The Problem

FullProxy provided the central government with comprehensive support and guidance throughout it’s migration of applications to the cloud. This included assistance with the design of the F5 LTM (Local Traffic Manager) and helping them to configure F5 DNS to achieve optimal performance and resilience across both of their data centers. F5 LTM (Local Traffic Manager) operates across layers 4-7 of the OSI Model and sits between the client and the server. It is designed to intercept and inspect all incoming and outgoing traffic to optimise applications. It intelligently distributes traffic across multiple servers to ensure that no server is overwhelmed with requests. Traffic management was a key element needed for this organisation’s network. As this F5 solution can monitor the health of servers and automatically route traffic to a different data centre in case of a failure, this was clearly essential for the organisation. Without the proper load balancing in place, server failure could have disrupted vital public services.

Our Solution

Our consultants also assisted with their migration plan to Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange, which helped the organisation to streamline it’s work processes, improve productivity, allow for large mailbox support and integration with their current Microsoft products like Skype for business. It also gives access to cloud-based services from anywhere with an internet connection, allowing users to work remotely and collaborate in real time. It also offered collaboration and communication through a range of tools such as Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive, which made the perfect addition to their network. FullProxy also assisted with design and configuration of F5 DNS for their entire application estate, ensuring smooth and efficient application delivery from the internet and the internal network, allowing them to scale applications as needed.

The Results

The central government was delighted with the support provided by FullProxy. They successfully migrated to the cloud with Office 365 and configured their F5 appliances for optimal performance, resilience, and load balancing across their entire network. As a result, the authority can now use cloud applications seamlessly and efficiently, and their internal teams can access these applications without any disruption. The F5 DNS delivery also improved the availability, performance, and security of their applications while also providing the flexibility and scalability needed to meet changing business needs. The customer is confident in FullProxy’s services and continues to use FullProxy for ongoing support and guidance, and the partnership between the two organisations is strong. FullProxy is proud to have been able to assist the authority in achieving its goals and objectives and looks forward to continuing to support them in the future. 

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Products used

Office 365
Microsoft Exchange