FullProxy Wins F5 UK Partner of the Year Award at Westcon-Comstor FY23 Partner Awards

FullProxy are proud to announce that we have been awarded the F5 UK Partner of the Year award at the Westcon-Comstor FY23 Partner Awards. The achievement highlights our outstanding performance in several key areas, showcasing our commitment to delivering exceptional value to our customers through the F5 Gold Partnership we have that showcases our skills […]

Secure data sharing practices in cyber security: 9 practical tips

Technology is developing at a rapid rate and with data being shared every second the importance of data sharing cannot be understated. Whether it’s threat intelligence, incident response information or effective data sharing, these elements all play a pivotal role in securing your infrastructure. However, data sharing should be approached effectively to prevent sensitive data […]

NIS 2 Directive what will this mandate mean for your business?

As technology continues to develop, unfortunately so do vulnerabilities. As a result of this, the Council of the European Union (EU) has introduced the NIS 2 Directive, an updated framework to help create cyber security resilience across critical sectors such as healthcare and banking. In this blog we will provide you with an overview of […]

The Human Factor in Cyber Security: Educating your employees to mitigate risk

Cybersecurity is critical for every business. In today’s digital world, with new emerging threats occurring daily, a company can face a cyber attack at any time. Cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated in their attacks and are constantly developing the ways they infiltrate systems and steal valuable information, putting businesses and their customers at risk. While […]

FullProxy ascends to F5 Gold Partner status

FullProxy ascends to F5 Gold Partner status: A milestone in delivering exceptional application delivery solutions We are thrilled to announce that FullProxy has achieved F5 Gold Partner status through F5’s Unity+ Partner Program. This significant milestone not only solidifies our commitment to delivering exceptional application delivery solutions but also highlights our expertise in leveraging F5’s […]

Super Bowl Season: How to stay cyber-secure

American football team ready to tackle

SuperBowl 2023 Who’s excited for Super Bowl Sunday? We certainly are! However, make sure you’re keeping a close eye out for cybersecurity threats any major supporting event can be a prime target for cybercriminals. So, what are some are the risks that are likely to be associated with the big day?  Phishing and email campaigns   […]

Cyber Security Trends 2023: What’s in store?

With a new year comes new challenges as technology continues to develop businesses are becoming more reliant on internally managed systems in order to protect their data and employees from cyber-attacks. Due to this, shifts are happening in the cyber security trends that we see. Data breaches, ransomware, and phishing attempts are becoming the norm. […]

5 tips for staying cyber-safe this Christmas

Christmas is a cyber-criminals favourite time of year with plenty of ways to take advantage of vulnerable shoppers online it is better to be cautious than run the risk of having your personal details compromised. Here are 5 tips for staying cyber-safe this Christmas: 1)Use Two-Factor Authentication Having an extra layer of protection is always […]

Staying cyber-safe on Black Friday

With Christmas just around the corner, online deals and flash sales will start to appear at a rapid rate, especially on Black Friday. During last year’s Black Friday sales the UK accounted for over 10 percent of all Global Black Friday searches online. It will come as no surprise, that this can be a breeding […]