Case Study

Enhancing security and standardising configurations within a financial institution

A financial institution was facing challenges with automation, configuration consistency, security posture and planned projects for open banking initiatives. They sought FullProxy’s consultancy services to address these issues and improve their current cyber security infrastructure and overall network traffic management of the F5 products they were using.

The Problem

In 2017, the financial institution approached FullProxy seeking assistance with automating their F5 infrastructure, initially related to open banking and home automation but eventually to the full F5 estate. The financial institution recognised the need for a wholesale update and upgrade of their F5 infrastructure using automation with virtualised F5’s and approached FullProxy for professional services. Collaborating closely with FullProxy’s technical consultants to understand their requirements, our team provided a holistic overview of their tender process outlining their expectations for personnel, project coverage and pricing.

Our Solution

Before coming to FullProxy the financial institution was primarily using physical F5 devices. Under a two year managed service contract, FullProxy’s team of technical consultants helped them to become self-sufficient in using their F5 devices.

During the project, the FullProxy consultants worked to migrate the financial institutions F5 estate to a virtualised platform, ensuring standardised configurations and enabling future automation capabilities. Multiple external consultants and changes of personnel within their in-house teams had resulted in inconsistencies in configuration, creating challenges in troubleshooting and policy management. FullProxy’s consultants undertook the task of standardising the configuration, improving naming conventions, and testing the platform’s compatibility.

This process extended over two years, with the final transition completed in July 2020. To facilitate a smooth shift, FullProxy continued supporting the financial institution for an additional three months remotely through training and configuration.

The Results

The standardised configurations implemented by FullProxy significantly improved the financial institutions security posture and operational efficiency. With consistent policies, troubleshooting became much more straightforward, and security incidents could be resolved promptly. FullProxy’s solution protected both web-based and mobile banking applications, safeguarding customer data and mitigating potential cyber threats. 

Before FullProxy’s involvement the financial institution purchased a Web Application Firewall (WAF) but had not realised the full benefit, leaving their infrastructure vulnerable to attacks.. FullProxy’s expertise enabled the successful implementation and activation of the WAF, providing active protection and monitoring against web attacks. FullProxy still remains the financial institutions preferred supplier for F5-related services. The successful engagement and outcomes have solidified FullProxy’s position as a trusted partner in managing and optimising their infrastructure. 

By collaborating with FullProxy, they overcame automation challenges, standardised their F5 configurations, and significantly enhanced their cybersecurity posture. The implementation of a managed service, along with the successful activation of the Web Application Firewall, fortified their infrastructure against potential threats, reducing financial risks and reputational damage. FullProxy’s continued partnership ensures ongoing support and expertise for future F5-related initiatives.  

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