Our Company

1 West Regent Street

Decades of combined experience

We are a safe pair of hands having worked with banks, higher educational institutions and local government agencies.

MOD SC & DV Clearances

The team have experience in dealing with sensitive information and have clearance to access top secret information at the highest level.


The Team

Ewan Ferguson

Ewan Ferguson

Chief Executive Officer

Ewan is the founder of FullProxy. With more than 20 years running IT businesses, he’s become an expert in secure web app delivery in the finance sector, meaning you genuinely couldn’t find a safer pair of hands.

Chris Templeton

Chris Templeton

Chief Technology Officer

Chris’ story is full of impressive numbers. 30 years in IT security. 20 years of Networking experience. 10 years of F5 experience. He’s operated in small companies with just 2 employees up to large global firms with 200,000 employees, all to undeniable success.