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DigitExpo 2023- FullProxy raises £650 for Digital Xtra Fund

Our Prize wheel was a recent success at DigitExpo 2023, we managed to raise £650 for the Digital Xtra Fund, a charity established in 2016 that is dedicated to fostering digital creativity and innovation among Scotland’s youth. 13 people in total landed on the Charity Donation section giving FullProxy the opportunity to support this wonderful charity. Find out more about DigitExpo here.

The substantial funds raised will be channeled towards supporting Digital Xtra Fund’s mission. The charity is committed to ensuring that every young person in Scotland, regardless of gender, background, or location, has access to innovative and digitally creative activities.

The Digital Xtra Fund’s initiatives are designed to:

Inspire: The contributions from Digit Expo attendees will play a crucial role in fueling the next generation’s understanding and creation with technology, emphasising the importance of not just consuming but actively engaging with digital skills. These funds will support high-quality extracurricular digital skills activities, opening career opportunities for those wishing to explore cyber security.

Enable: The charity focuses on empowering young minds across Scotland through its grant awards program. By targeting groups underrepresented in the digital technologies sector and areas often excluded due to limited resources or local facilities, the Digital Xtra Fund ensures that no one is left behind in the digital age.

Engage: Digital Xtra Fund actively facilitates connections between industry experts and young enthusiasts in informal, creative settings. Industry partners participate in supported activities, offering their expertise to the Fund’s Evaluation Panel during the grant awards process. This engagement creates a unique and impactful learning experience for the youth involved.

For those interested in learning more about the Digital Xtra Fund and its initiatives, further information can be found on their website.

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