Application Security

Are your online applications
safe from attack?

There are a staggering 30,000 successful online hacks a day.  Many don’t even know it’s happened. Which is why it is vital to make sure you’re safe from attack. And not just your website, but also the many 100s of applications you have running as hackers now target them to overload your systems or extract data.

This is why, application security is now an essential part of cyber security. Especially as the increase in remote access means your business is now operating outside the confines of a secure closed network.

Rest assured, our highly experienced team will give you and your customers peace of mind that you have app protection that safeguards user’s personal data as well as your company’s.

How we keep your applications safe

Making each apps more secure

Ensuring only legitimate users can access your application

Protecting you from distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks

Defending you against data loss

Providing robust fraud security and login/user credential protection – 32% of all reported security incidents are password login attacks

Safeguarding against the top 10 web application security risks (OWASP Top 10)

How we protect you from attack

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Application Security

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