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safe and secure

Working from the cloud offers a host of benefits to any business. But at the same time, this new way of operating also bring problems such as theft, loss or damage. Together with the additional issue that the nature of cloud services normally means a substantial rise in the risk of attacks. So, whether you’re just about to migrate over to the cloud, or already using it, cloud security is essential to make sure that your applications and data are safe and secure going forward.

As one of the UK’s leading cyber security specialists, our award-winning team will find and minimise all of risk using a comprehensive mix of tools and techniques that provide protection, reduce operating costs and improve compliance. As part of this, they’ll give you the ability to monitor applications, data and the those using them. 

They’ll also look beyond employee cloud access and make sure that any authorised third parties and suppliers who are also using it are doing so within set safety parameters. Leaving you free to take full advantage of all the positives the cloud offers without worrying about any of the negatives.

We keep you safe in the cloud

We first identify threats, then find the right technologies and processes to deal with them in order to create a tailored cloud security solution

Give you control over who uses the cloud, which devices have access and what their restrictions are

Provide full real-time visibility over applications and data, who is using them and from where.

Install automated tools that monitor, detect, alert and block suspicious activity before it can become a problem.

Create robust cloud security architecture that grows with your business

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How we create cloud security

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Cloud Security

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