Cloud Security



The number and type of apps you support are growing exponentially. As new apps are built and deployed, existing apps must be brought up-to-date. At the same time, the way apps are developed and released, with agile CI/CD processes, has changed dramatically.

And all this is happening while you’re under pressure to move your apps to the cloud.

Problem is, the cloud is complex. Managing security, compliance and performance across multiple clouds is difficult to do consistently without the right solutions. With 87% of companies using multi-cloud applications the problem is not a future issue—it’s here and now. On top of that you have cloud-native app services that are proprietary and basic, custom toolsets and integrations, and new architectures that include containers and microservices.

The challenge is this: How do you move fast without sacrificing app security and performance?

What is cloud security?

Cloud security has become a vital ally in the battle against cyber attacks. Cloud security delivers software, hardware and data over the internet. This method of cyber security is incredibly fast to deploy and scale. Its flexibility has seen usage grow exponentially and low upfront costs make it a competitive alternative to physical hardware solutions.

Application Delivery

App security and traffic has never been easier to control. Keep your app safe with help from F5’s BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager and iRules. Follow users across your network and immediately locate and neutralise security risks. We can see the traffic that is both entering and exiting your network to give maximum control, cloud app security and peace of mind.