Network Security

Is your network secure?

Don’t let the hackers in, protect and secure against cyber threats.


Securing your network against cyber attacks is a must for all organisations at a time when the threat landscape is becoming ever more sophisticated. Unauthorised access, denial of service, misuse and attacks on your network can cause considerable reputational, financial and operational damage.

What is network security?

Network security brings together many devices, technology and processes into a coherent strategy which is there to protect the integrity, accessibility and confidentiality of your network and data.

Every organisation needs network security to some extent and the complexity of this setup can vary from simple solutions such as anti-virus software to multi layers of defences which protect various areas of the network.

Types of network security

Network security can take many forms and there are a multitude of different software and device solutions all geared to protecting your data.


A firewall is a preventative barrier which surrounds your network and protects it from potentially dangerous outside sources and networks.  Firewalls are setup with rules which can block and allow certain types of traffic.

Anti-virus and Malware protection

Viruses, worms, trojans and ransomware. These are the words that are first conjured when we think of cyber security and they are some of the most common threats to your network. Anti-virus and malware software screen each file on a device to ensure they have not become infected.


A virtual private network is there to encrypt the connection between an endpoint device (pc, laptop, tablet) and your network. This helps to keep the data transferred over that connection private and confidential.

Access Control

Only authorised individuals and devices should be allowed to connect to your network. Limiting access helps keep potential threats at bay.

Application Delivery

App security and traffic has never been easier to control. Keep your app safe with help from F5’s BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager and iRules. Follow users across your network and immediately locate and neutralise security risks. We can see the traffic that is both entering and exiting your network to give maximum control, cloud app security and peace of mind.