F5 Lab License

F5 Lab Licenses

There are numerous licensing options available through F5 however, lab license is a low-cost option for laboratory environment for training, before using within a production environment.  Lab licenses do not expire.  As an authorised F5 vendor, you can purchase a lab license through FullProxy, fully supported for 5 years.

The BIG-IP Virtual Lab License is an application delivery controller which can be deployed on leading cloud platforms and virtual machines that run on commodity servers. BIG-IP virtual editions have market-leading software-defined application services that include- DNS, traffic management, acceleration, firewalls and access management. Which runs on F5-bulit hardware.  

Overview and benefits

Supports on premise and virtualised deployment

Unify your cyber-security into your platform including the creation of new instances, licensing, certificate management, configurations, templates, analytics, dashboards, and troubleshooting issues.

DNS features

BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager and BIG-IP DNS are integrated within the virtual edition to route and optimise your application traffic, delivering the best experience to your users.

Traffic Management

BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM) and BIG-IP DNS route and optimize your application traffic, delivering the best experience to users.

Advanced WAF

Advanced WAF offers a holistic, best-in-class security at every layer of the stack—protecting your apps from everything including advanced persistent threats, malicious bot traffic, and DDoS attacks.


Be agile with REST APIs for automatic deployment and cloud solution templates.

Flexibility of Scale

Self-service licensing management allows you to increase or decrease the number of instances throughout your subscription.

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