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Cyber Security Trends 2023: What’s in store?

With a new year comes new challenges as technology continues to develop businesses are becoming more reliant on internally managed systems in order to protect their data and employees from cyber-attacks. Due to this, shifts are happening in the cyber security trends that we see. Data breaches, ransomware, and phishing attempts are becoming the norm. Here are some of the cyber security threats to expect in 2023.

Artificial Intelligence

With machine learning at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence, this is changing the dynamic of cyber security trends. Being used in the development of cyber security protection, AI-enabled threat detection is starting to predict new cyber attacks and can inform IT departments of any data breaches that have occurred within seconds.


This year we have seen an increase in Ransomware attacks. These attacks have been particularly common within the healthcare and education sector, ransomware attacks are set to increase especially in industries that use software to run their daily operations.

Human Error

One of the primary reasons for data breaches is Human error, this will remain a primary reason in 2023 if organisations do not provide the proper cyber security awareness training in order to protect their reputations and to avoid financial implications. According to infosec, 97% of people cannot identify a phishing email.

Phishing attempts

Phishing attacks are extremely successful within the IT sector and will continue to be in 2023 becoming more personalised and geo-targeted it’s important that businesses continue to invest in security awareness and simulators so that employees are aware of company threats.

IOT vulnerability

As businesses continue to integrate internet of things devices (IoT) into their daily operations, this has opened more opportunities for cyber criminals. With IoT devices sending and receiving data, the devices can lack security protection in order to defend themselves from cyber threats. These devices present risks to those who use them by becoming a target of cyber-attacks like DDoS and password attacks. IoT vulnerabilities are definitely one to watch out for in 2023.

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