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Taking top level F5 re-certification to the next level

We’d like to congratulate FullProxy’s CTO, Chris Templeton, for his F5 402 re-certification which means that he now holds all available F5 certifications.

Now, if you don’t live and breathe cyber security like we do, this might not sound like a big deal. But to put it into perspective, along with our Senior Consultant, Donald Ross, FullProxy now has 2 of the 14 cyber experts across the UK who can boast holding all F5 certificates. In fact, there are only 152 people in the world who do!

By joining these few individuals who have all completed the entire Cloud Track, Chris has shown that he now possesses the unique skills and understanding to identify business requirements for cloud solutions and can translate those business requirements into technical requirements.

As a F5 Certified! Cloud Solution Expert, Chris also has the ability to develop and communicate a solution that meets all technical requirements needed while integrating it across multiple components to create an optimized cloud solution.

So, whatever your F5 issues, look no further than FullProxy for not one highly qualified expert, but two.

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