Experience across a
range of sectors


Thanks to our expertise spanning all aspects of cyber security, we have been privileged enough to work across a range of different and highly varied sectors. From Healthcare, Education and Local Government to Financial Services, Energy and Retail, we’ve ensured that organisations both large and small are safe, secure and compliant.

By working closely with each, we’ve got to understand their unique needs and tailored solutions that solved their issues while improving efficiency. All while meeting any and all deadlines. And always within agreed budgets.

Just as importantly, clients who choose us, stay with us. This is testimony not just to our cyber security specialists and the great work they do, but also the strong sense of teamwork we create which means we are seen as an extension of their own company.

Whether you work in the Public or Private sector, we look forward to giving you the same high level of service.

Keeping you and your customers safe online
As more and more customer don’t just find you online, but shop with you there, it becomes essential that all transaction and personal details collected are 100% secure.
Win the war against hackers
With the world of gaming now online and more players than ever before interacting, the ongoing fight against cyber threats is one you can’t afford to lose.
Taking a forward-looking approach to security
We’ll ensure your systems, data and services are safe, secure and always up to date so you can concentrate on creating a better tomorrow.
Driving cyber security forward
No matter what area of the automotive industry you work in, you need long-term and effective protection against both existing and evolving cyber threats.
Higher Education
Keeping centres of learning safe and secure
The number of cyber attacks in the education sector is ever rising. Colleges and universities need to protect their staff and students as well as their own systems from these threats.
Powering your cyber security
Resilience against cyber threats is essential as the energy sector works online and connects with the Internet of Things (loT). We’ll make sure you’re moving forward safely.
Property Management
Safeguarding tenants and staff
As Property Management services go online and staff and tenants access your systems remotely the need for a robust cyber security framework is greater than ever.
Improve services while maintaining security
The digital transformation of healthcare is creating improved patient care, better efficiency and reduced costs. Don’t let this be at the expense of your digital security.
Finding and securing vulnerabilities
Make sure you’re not just meeting the strong regulations in place concerning the protection of customers’ data and money but surpassing them.
Keeping you at forefront of digital security
In the fast-moving world of finance, your cyber security needs to be every bit as up to date as your systems and services.
Central Government
Putting cyber security first
Resilient cyber security is an essential part of any Central Government department. We provide the expertise to protect confidential information and the flow of data.
Local Government
Protecting vital data and systems
As the digital space transforms all levels of Local Government, so grows the need to provide hard-working protection for both the public and government workers.

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