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Super Bowl Season: How to stay cyber-secure

SuperBowl 2023

Who’s excited for Super Bowl Sunday? We certainly are! However, make sure you’re keeping a close eye out for cybersecurity threats any major supporting event can be a prime target for cybercriminals. So, what are some are the risks that are likely to be associated with the big day? 

Phishing and email campaigns  

Be aware of your emails this weekend these can present an excellent opportunity for attackers to distribute malware or malicious links. Even if you aren’t that keen on sports you might be interested in celebrity gossip surrounding the event or the chance to win free tickets. Think before clicking on any links! A few aspects to check for within an email include, does the email address look right, are there any spelling mistakes and before entering any personal details double check the URL against the brand the email is claiming to be. 

Watch the game through a secure site 

Although, it can be tempting to watch the game through a dodgy site we strongly advise against this, without the proper protection in place you will be putting your devices at risk from cyberattacks. Pop-up ads and insecure sites often contain malware and with just one click you could lose control of your device.  

Place your bets!  

With any sporting event betting usually follows however, cybercriminals can pose as top gambling and betting sites through email. With enticing offers such as free money or extra credits, if you were just sign-up, this could result in a financial loss once a cybercriminal gets a hold of your card details. Be cautious about sharing your personal details!  

Stay secure this Super Bowl season and tackle any cyber risks, find details on how to securely watch the first game of Philadelphia Eagles Vs Kansas City Chiefs here.


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